Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Glimpse of Smile

A soothing song has been ringing inside my head,
All around glittering white flakes of gold,
As I walk down the familiar memory lane,
Time stood still in the winter cold.

Than comes by a crossroad to take,
Which path to choose; A decision to make,
For the journey I walk a thousand miles,
Is a journey of life where everything begins.

Ever since a child my hand is guided,
All these years life has been provided,
Now is my turn to lead life,
Yet the feeling of an empty hand,
Is so cruel and very cold.

All of a sudden; trap in a maze,
Surrounded by hurdles and more hurdles,
Almost despair as my heart breaks,
A thousand pieces I have to mend.

Now the song is becoming clear,
A voice of a teacher that teaches truth,
With strength I stand by my two feet,
Continue to walk the journey yet so familiar.

Suddenly, a brightness appears,
Breaking through the crowded clouds,
An intimate feeling inside me grows,
I look up and I see my parent.

A glimpse of smile,
And voice of lessons,
That is the treasure that I have inherited,
Awaken am I with realization,
Spring has come early and warm my soul.

Penned by Alexandar Ang

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