Friday, January 30, 2009

One Day..........

One day when I look into the mirror and no longer see the youth,
Would you still recognize me for who I am?

One day when I no longer can hold the spoon,
Would you have the patience and help nourish me?

One day when I realize I could not walk,
Would you hold my hand and help me with my steps?

One day when I cry of no reason,
Would you hand me a tissue and wipe my tears?

One day when I laugh with a weak heart,
Would you be there to share the laugh with me?

One day when I can’t fall asleep at night,
Would you sit beside and tell me a tale?

One day when I re-enter childhood,
Would you care for me as I have for you all my life?

One day when I fall ill,
Would you be there to help me through?

One day when I open my eyes and couldn’t remember your name,
Would you hug and console me and tell me everything is fine?

One day and that one day will definitely arrive, when I am old,
Would you still accept me whole heartedly?

And lastly, One day on my death bed,
Would you be there to bid me farewell?

Penned by Alexandar Ang

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