Saturday, July 19, 2008


The world is like a big stage,
Full with actors and actresses,
Everyone being his or her own hypocrite.

Life is full of various obstacles,
Man who survive in this world,
Are victims of this phenomenon,
One who can't take the heat,
Will eventually break like a glass,
And shattered into his own world,
Where no one could reach him but himself,
This is when man are considered MAD.

In this stage of life,
A mirror is totally useless to him,
As he cannot see,
His trueself anymore.

Those who watch in pity,
Often come across these questions,
When will this happen to me?
Will I be like him?
And wonder with great fear.

My love and hope,
Sinks to the deepest part of the ocean,
When I looked around,
I see sufferings everywhere,
But as the world goes around,
Man still go on without care,
Being the slave of his own,
In his dark and cruel world.

There is one tonic to these sufferings,
A light that can brighten all darkness,
A medicine that can cure all pain,
And that is when man,
Learn to accept the facts,
And always try to forgive and forget within one another,
As what we were always taught,
But never practised.

Penned by Alexandar Ang - 1997

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