Saturday, July 19, 2008

Darkness and Light

When the clouds formed,
And the darkness behold,
Lost I am!
As the world around me tumbles and fall!

My mind,
My heart,
My spirit,
Breaks like the mirror that crashed to do ground,
No more can I, find myself,
Among the glass pieces of reflection.

I am adrift like the time that flies by,
As my soul leaves my body,
Searching for an answer,
Of an eternal question,
To fill an emptiness,
That seems forever unfilled.

How am I to find my direction?
How am I to find my mission?
How am I to find my happiness?
How am I to find myself?
Who am I to begin with?

Patience and wisdom that I must have,
For me to continue down the path,
Calm my mind I must do,
For there are other doors to be open.

A step at a time,
Slowly find my way,
In the darkness searching for the light,
Around the corner, wisdom prevails,
Virtue of patience I must uphold.

Only I can make the choice,
Only I must realize choices are many,
Only I can decide the path to take,
And Only I the light I must seek.

Among the chaos I find myself,
Among the noise I find my voice,
In the darkness I find a bright light,
That is the wisdom that breaks my prison,
For after that I am free,
I have found my meaning of life.

Penned by Alexandar Ang - July 2008

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