Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Has it been forgotten?
What it used to be?
A life full of simplicity,
Truth and Honesty.

A world that it is and a world that that is perceived,
Accessories, glitters and sparkles,
Dazzle the sights of mind,
A journey that is straight and clear,
Clouded by the amusement on the rear.

Unknowingly I found myself,
Strolling down the old houses,
Hearing the children’s laughter,
Familiar songs warming up my heart,
Memories come alive again.

With my heart feeling sour yet sweet,
Stories of the old reminding the young,
Lyrics of life written through us,
Every moment of time paints the future.

What kind of ending,
Depends on the play that is still on stage,
Remember the nostalgia,
To find the eternal happiness that is desired.

Penned by Alexandar Ang

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